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1350 is the magic number

Having moved to Spokane, WA last summer (1918), we were excited to start our vegetable garden. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a short growing season, so there is a mad scramble in May to get everything planted. We started by pulling the grass out of a section of the backyard, putting down cedar raised beds and filling the beds with four and a half tons of soil. What a project!


In August, the garden was in full swing. Well, almost too much! The three tomato plants in the center bed grew into monsters. They look under control in this picture, but eventually grew to cover an area of 8 feet by 12 feet, at about five feet high.



Just before first frost in October, we harvested every red and healthy green tomato we could, but still had to let about half freeze on the vine. As we picked and cleaned up, we kept a count. 1350. Yes, that is one thousand three hundred and fifty tomatoes! The reds not eaten fresh or given away were canned into spaghetti sauce and frozen for soups later. The greens were made into jellies and condiments. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?

You can bet that next year we are heavily trimming back those plants as they grow!