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This week, I am proud to be invited to participate in the "Art of Giving" show through December 15th at the Peggy Lewis Gallery of the Allied Arts of Yakima Valley, WA. Since I am originally from nearby Spokane, the Allied Arts of Yakima Valley is a non-profit that is close to my heart. It gifts to the agricultural area of Yakima a varied schedule of educational and cultural events revolving around many art forms such as visual art, theatre, and poetry.

Non-profits have always struggled for money. Funding for the arts is also being pushed aside, even in our school systems, as we recover from the recession and political winds change direction. Yet, how empty our lives would be without drama, painting, and the other many kinds of creative expression that help define our rich culture as a nation. Please consider a contribution or gallery purchase from your favorite non-profit this coming holiday season.

In honor of Yakima's long history as orchard country, one of the pieces traveling cross country for this event is:


green apples painting

Green Apples in Bowl
oil on canvas
24 x 24 x .75