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1350 is the magic number

We have all wondered at one time or another if our artwork is any good. Who has not walked through a gallery or looked around the internet and seen amazing art, only to doubt our own?

Don't get so down on yourself! Learn the techniques that help you express what you want, but realize that what you may consider a fault may be part of your personal style. Consider the impressionists like Monet and Van Gogh, whose work was rejected over and over by the mainstream art galleries and "experts" of their day. Now, we love impressionism!

All art is important. Art is an expression of our time in history, our values and society. Every piece of art has an appreciative audience somewhere and some time.

The more important question to ask is, "Why am I making art?" For most of us, maybe all of us, making stuff is fun. Whether we sit at our kitchen table or stand in a studio, we love pushing around those paint globs, pencil marks, or ink stains until something interesting emerges. Blissful hours go by, and sometimes you get that "Aha" moment when you smile and the world looks bright.

So, let's stop comparing and enjoy what we do!


It is not really important whether one's vision is not as great as that of another.

It is a personal question as to whether one shall live in and deal with
his greatest moments of happiness.

----Robert Henri (1865-1929) Painter and teacher