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It is my delight to share with you the marvelous artwork of the fourth grade classes of John Pittard Elementary School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Recently, I was contacted by Rita Myers, an art teacher at John Pittard, about the children’s recent project of using colored pencils as the subject for still life drawings. She had found my paintings online and used my “Colored Pencils in Glass” as an example for her students. So, I had the honor of being the “artist of the week”!

Upon visiting Rita’s website, I was enthralled by the work being done by these young people, as well as the curriculum being presented. Subjects like perspective, foreshortening, and reflection are often difficult for adults to grasp, but the children at John Pittard are learning these and having fun doing it.

Unfortunately, I do not have the room here to present all the wonderful pieces done by the 75 students in Mrs. Few’s, Ms. Martin’s, Mrs. Morris’s and Mrs. Myer’s fourth grade classes. Although all the drawings have the same subject, each is so unique and so beautiful. So, a round of applause (clap, clap, clap!!!) for all the artists of John Pittard Elementary! Keep making art!

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