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During the last few weeks, a delightful group of commission works have been making my days happy and productive. I love doing commission pieces. For the short time they are in my studio, they are my personal obsession, my reason for rising early in the morning. Then, I also have the added joy of knowing each is going out into the world to be enjoyed by other people.

Like many artists, I do wonder what happens to my artworks as time goes by. Will this painting become a part of a family's life and be passed down to the next generation? Or, will it eventually find a new owner, or even travel the globe? Seems Matisse also gave some thought to what happened to the many pieces he created.


I hope the survival of my works is guaranteed --
I never think about it, because I have thrown my ball to the best of my ability. I can no longer certify that it will land on the earth or in the sea or even over the edge from which nothing ever returns.

----Henri Matisse (1869-1954) Painter, printmaker and sculptor