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Recently, a customer asked me why I create so many paintings. That stopped me in my tracks, because I have never really given it any thought. When I asked my husband, he said, "You love to paint," which is the appropriate short answer.

The long answer is that I am passionate about making things. Oil paint is my favorite medium, and has been for over 50 years. I paint almost every day. When I am not actually painting, I am thinking about what to paint next. Everything is a possible subject… the dishes in my kitchen, the antique toys I collect, the flowers in my garden, my art supplies.

When I am not at the easel, I am a fanatical knitter, carrying my latest project with me where ever I go. I collect books about historical designs and wait impatiently for the newest issue of Vogue Knitting magazine to arrive. And, a beautiful yarn can be just delicious! The luscious feeling of soft merino wool in my hands. The subtle shine of a silk blend. The possibilities of what can be done with twisted string are endless.

I also plant impossible gardens. I say "impossible" because they can never be as wonderful in reality as they are in my head. I do not have a green thumb, but do have a multicolored imagination. So, I put in the soil many kinds of fantastic plants, and pray they survive. Some do. Those that don't get replaced. Eventually, it looks like I might know what I am doing. LOL.

Wishing you a happy day creating.